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Some day the ARRL website might get updated.  I know most people don't care but it is terrible by today's standards.

Nice to see people that care about the ARRL and want to help.  I hope other board members are also paying attention to this group or that these comments might actually be taken to the board by someone..........


On 2/1/2020 5:14 PM, Ria, N2RJ wrote:

All committee memberships are listed here:

PSC for 2020 membership is:

Matt Holden, K0BBC, Dakota Division Director, Chair
Mickey Baker, N4MB, Southeastern Division Director
David Norris, K5UZ, Delta Division Director
Mike Ritz, W7VO, Northwestern Division Director
Rod Blocksome, N0DAS, Midwest Division Director
Ed Hudgens, WB4RHQ, Delta Division Vice Director
Bob Vallio, W6RGG, 2nd Vice President (Officer Liaison)
Norm Fusaro, W3IZ, (Staff Liaison)

Additionally, the radiosport and field services manager (Bart, W9JJ)
also attends the meetings.

Ria, N2RJ

On Sat, 1 Feb 2020 at 19:10, Jamie WW3S <ww3s@...> wrote:
I get that, but who comprises the  current committee?

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They’re a standing Board committee that deals with member facing programs such as DXCC, Contests and emcomm.

Programs and Services Committee.


On Sat, Feb 1, 2020 at 6:45 PM Jamie WW3S <ww3s@...> wrote:
Thanks for that link Ria.....I believe you posted it before, but who are the PSC?

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The solution is not to add yet another meeting to everyone’s calendar.

Publishing the minutes would fix what you identified as being broken. That would be a change I would support.

All committee reports are also already published.

As for directors not listening and being unresponsive? There are elections every 3 years. If the members aren’t satisfied they can replace their director. But in reality most elections go uncontested.

With due respect to Mickey, he really hasn’t seen the committee process up close except for the January meeting.

As far as what prompted this, it was the 5BDXCC proposal - This process ran very fairly and solicited member input. DXAC considered it and then asked for direct member input. The report has also been published:

Ria, N2RJ

On Sat, Feb 1, 2020 at 4:37 PM Barry Porter KB1PA <kb1pa@...> wrote:
The problem is the "committee" process is Top Secret. No published agenda, no published minutes, all done in the dark. It needs to be made available to the membership. Even telephone meetings need documentation. Nothing is Top Secret, except certain Legal items, and even these need to be noted as held.

2 hours every other Month, if properly run, is doable with a tightly controlled agenda.

It's very difficult to keep volunteers around when the organization operates in the dark, behind closed doors. And in many Divisions, the Directors do not
really listen to member feedback, and totally ignore ARRL volunteers (one of the reasons Mikey was elected)



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