Re: Self Printed QSLs for DXCC: an idea


Embrace the strengths that are available in the current system (LOTW)
and hire experts in the field to add new state of the art technology to the platform.

Soliciting experts and then requiring them to move to Newington does not yield theĀ 
best person for the job, the genuine experts and talented people will not apply for the job.

I am sure that even the IT team now at headquarters is being undermined and Multi tasked
through micro management and limits placed on them as to what they can and can not do,
while overwhelming them with other tasks outside of their job description.

Experts need given a Mission Goal and left alone to accomplish it
not assigned a cubical and told each and every step to take and what they can not do.

Good managers hire great talent, let those talented people do their job,
praise/reward them for each milestone they have made.

This would lead to Mission success!

Better Tools for our Members will lead to more members joining our ranks

Just my opinion


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