Re: Self Printed QSLs for DXCC: an idea

HH Brakob

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It seems like a good idea, except that I don't see what it would do that LoTW would do apart from avoiding having to pay per QSO fees for LoTW. (playing devil's advocate here).


On Wed, Jan 18, 2023 at 10:10 AM Gerry Hull <gerry@...> wrote:
Currently, self-printed QSLs (stations send you an image that you print yourself) are a not acceptable for DXCC credit.

There is a technical, and easy, solution to solve this:  place a QR code on the QSL, which contains a LoTW-key-encrypted QSO.  An example graphic is shown (ignore the code itself, just an example.)
If such a self-printed card was sent to the DXCC desk, it could be verified easily.



Gerry W1VE

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