Re: Self Printed QSLs for DXCC: an idea

Russ Kinner

I believed the LotW system is all to prevent fake contacts. I'd certainly be happy to pay the same fee for credit but I see no one in the LotW system accepting anything except via the present system (LotW online or card checker).
Most DXpeditions get some fee for a card and that often includes LotW via Clublog so that seems to work for DXCC credit.

Its the independent station in a country where LotW is not worth it to them and they often only use snail mail. It might also be that they have limited Internet access. The only contact I have in Mongolia probably fits in that category. If I'm in demand as DX and LotW really doesn't offer anything of value, why bother with sending in copies of my license and some utility bill or other government document. Its small but significant privacy risk and in some places the risk is not worth it.

QRZ is the simplest system to use and is immediate registration for most stations but a significant part of the system is on an honor system. However, I'm sure there are some fake stations in the DB. LotW does address that but doesn't offer immediate logging. Its taken 6-8 hours sometimes while QRZ is a few seconds.

Balancing the integrity of DXCC and other awards vs. simplicity and immediate response is where you and the other Directors will ultimately decide. You can pull it towards simple or towards secure. I don't have any obvious answer.


On January 18, 2023, at 10:11, "Ria, N2RJ" <rjairam@...> wrote:

Ok, so if that’s the case, would they be opposed to paying the same fee as if the QSO were on LoTW and used for awards credit? 

Or paying a subscription fee above annual ARRL dues to be able to do this? 

On Wed, Jan 18, 2023 at 12:03 PM Russ Kinner <wizardofzid@...> wrote:

Many stations who object to using LotW is because of
the hassle in setting it up. It did take a week for me waiting for the postcard, minor but an annoyance. DX stations may have more difficulty although most do have the needed online access to email copies of documents.
It does seem more complex than needed but that horse has been beat many times. Short of a total redesign, we have a system that is old and slow, but prevents some faking of contacts.
All I know is that I have countries that confirmed on QRZ but aren't dealing with LotW so DXCC is just a bit harder to get (Nicaragua, anyone).

Rusty, WA8ZID

On January 18, 2023, at 09:41, "Ria, N2RJ" <rjairam@...> wrote:

It seems like a good idea, except that I don't see what it would do that LoTW would do apart from avoiding having to pay per QSO fees for LoTW. (playing devil's advocate here).


On Wed, Jan 18, 2023 at 10:10 AM Gerry Hull <gerry@...> wrote:
Currently, self-printed QSLs (stations send you an image that you print yourself) are a not acceptable for DXCC credit.

There is a technical, and easy, solution to solve this:  place a QR code on the QSL, which contains a LoTW-key-encrypted QSO.  An example graphic is shown (ignore the code itself, just an example.)
If such a self-printed card was sent to the DXCC desk, it could be verified easily.



Gerry W1VE

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