Re: WAS Certificate and Endorsement Delay

Ken Lemke

Just saw my Challenge award was processed this morning.  I submitted the cards late november and they arrived HQ on 1 Dec.  Heard there were folks out of the office for sickness/vacation, hence the delay from normal 2 week turnaround.  YMMV.

On Mon, Jan 16, 2023 at 1:37 PM John Cordone <johnscordone@...> wrote:
My application for the Digital/FT8 WAS award/endorsement LOTW Application #274753) was accepted by the awards desk back on 12/26/22 and I've paid for the award/endorsement/postage on that day.  I have not received the award yet, nor have I gotten any responses to the two emails I sent to was@... (which is extremely frustrating).  What's the typical turn around time from accepted date to shipment?

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