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Gordon Beattie, W2TTT

Bob and Dave,
I just don't see the value of beating up on people who are working hard to improve things that they inherited in a less than optimal state while demanding instant gratification.   Sure things could be better, but constructive dialogue requires civil discourse. Anyone who monitors this or other groups can readily folks working toward a better situation.  

Project X is one set of improvements that has many complex components, limited resources and lots of paths toward realization - and each has its vocal proponents and detractors who are unbridled in their messaging.  In the meantime, the existing platform needs to run and requires time and resources.  Folks need to be realistic and patient.  No one who is involved likes or prefers this situation, so either offer to help or be patient. 

As for the New York City Marathon,  Nancy N2FWI and I came up from Florida last weekend to help out.  It's what we do.    It was great to see Ed K1EP and the rest of the gang.  Many of the oldtimers are still there, many new people have jumped right in and sadly, we are missing many who have passed on.  The memory of Steve Mendelsohn, Fred Lebow, Alan Steinfeld and Jim Jackson only start a long list of great memories. The people are why we get and remain involved.  Afterwards, we met our youngest son Jeremy KC2VBS at the Tick-Tock Diner on Rt. 3 after leaving Central Park at 7 pm.  Later in the evening we went to Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab for a 5G Workshop for First Responders and Emergency Networks.  On Tuesday afternoon we headed to a friend's home in North Carolina for the night and next day.  Now there is a hurricane heading toward the Big Bend of Florida, so in a few hours, we'll head home early.

Finally, I only pray for a few things for myself, the rest goes out to benefit others.

1. To be patient
2. To see the Face of God through His Children
3. To be healthy enough to do as He would expect.

In summary, "this Great Commandment thing" is somewhat non-negotiable for me as the Jesuits forned us to be "Men for Others".

Keep doing good things Bob and thank you and your colleagues!

J. Gordon "Gordie" Beattie, Jr., W2TTT 

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You've been a staunch supporter, and definitely not a bomb or "rock" thrower!  

I hope my appreciative comment wasn't thought to be negative in any way - it wasn't.  Plus, you do ask great questions!  Pushy?  Nah!  :-)

Regarding system changes and doing things as you suggest, there is a much maligned activity called "Project X" that is in its early stages right now that will enable all sorts of new capabilities and support all types of new activities.  The future is bright!  Right now, we're running along remarkably well on the old LoTW and DXCC award processing systems that should have been replaced / updated 10 or more years ago.  We're going to make significant changes, when the time is right, and it will be done correctly.

On a completely different subject: I neglected to mention earlier that I had lunch with K1EP on Monday who was on his way back home from working at the NYC Marathon.  We reminisced a bit about the old days and I recalled going to the diner on Rt 4 at like 3:30 AM Sunday morning, etc. before heading into Central Park.  I did enjoy all of that stuff back then.  I don't think I could do it now.  There were a lot of people involved in that who were really terrific, and sadly I don't remember all their names and even more sad, I'm sure some of them are silent keys now.

This is becoming the saddest part of ham radio for me, that many of my heroes from my younger days are passing and it's happening more and more often.  Ellen White W1YL just passed on Sunday and of course, her husband and her son Jim K1ZX/K4OJ (who I was close with for many years) have both been gone almost 20 years.

73 my old friend! 

I've known you since you were WB2CAM from 1976?  77?

Bob W5OV

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