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Naumann, Robert, W5OV


Good to see you in here asking some thoughtful questions!

Regarding the impact of Field Checking of QSL cards;  Yes, the process at HQ is streamlined a bit, but it only removes the task of verifying that the information on the application form matches the submitted QSL card data.  Every QSO is still evaluated on its own for viability and accuracy.  All of this work is a predominantly manual process.  And, as such, it takes a finite amount of time. 

For VUCC, each QSO is evaluated and the grid squares are verified for both ends of the QSO.  We currently have one person handling VUCC and if he's on vacation, things do pile up a bit.  That, on top of the increased number of submissions due to not only favorable conditions, but the endless growth of FT8 activity on the Magic Band, as just one example.

Everyone here is continually busy, and we do not have excess staff to add to the mix when the workload increases.  Due to Covid, we don't have as many volunteers at HQ now.  We did host a special open house for our Connecticut neighbors on October 29, and thankfully we got fantastically warm and sunny fall weather for the nearly 200 that showed up. Part of the purpose was to solicit for new volunteers for positions such as these we're discussing.  We'll see how that works out as we hear from people who picked up both the job postings and volunteer opportunities brochures that we handed out that day.

If you know somebody in the Hartford CT area that you think might want to help out on a part time basis, please have them reach out to us here at HQ@....

VY 73!
-Bob W5OV

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