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Jamie WW3S

I received mine this week as well….

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Mine is probably the first one issued.

When I qualified with 1,000 band-countries in LoTW, I went to apply for the certificate and learned there was not such a thing.  So I suggested that there ought to be one.

My suggestion was accepted, HQ graphics designed one, and mine arrived today.


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How does one go about getting a DXCC Challenge certificate? The ARRL web site says:

Once you reach 1,000 band points, you are automatically entered into the Challenge listing.  This award is endorsable in levels of 500. There is currently no certificate available for Challenge.  A special plaque has been designed for the DXCC Challenge.  

Ken, AB1J

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Awhile back, having just completed the requirements for the DXCC Challenge award, I was surprised to learn that the only available commemoration of that award was a (rather expensive) plaque.
I suggested that, similar to DXCC and 5BDXCC, a less expensive paper “diploma style” award would be appropriate.
My director agreed (thanks, Bill) and Sharon and the graphics folks at HQ made it happen. 
Mine arrived today, and will proudly paper the “love me wall” here at K0HB.
Thanks Sharon, Bill, and the un-named artists who made it happen.
73, de Hans, KØHB
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73, de Hans, K0HB
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