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Dave AA6YQ

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Thanks Dave, I know you like to help us by providing links, but that list does not allow the list to be printed band by band/mode by
mode. It does not contain the names and addresses of card checkers. It does not contain a prefix cross reference. It does not
contain the complete DXCC rules. What I have is a defective product.

I did not order and pay for something that could be downloaded from the internet by going to numerous locations, printed, and then
collating them to achieve what is concise in the ARRL publication "DXCC LIST".

I want something that I can hold in my hands, make notations in my own hen scratching, and mark my progress or lack thereof. I want
to be able to manually check what I have confirmed, worked, whether by card or electronically (LoTW), which are ones I have
confirmed by card only or LoTW only, and which ones never replied to my request.

I PAID money for this and expect it to be right. The ARRL paid money for these publications to be printed and I would hope they
expect them to be right also.

+ I didn't suggest that you abandon your quest for satisfaction; I just pointed out that there's a free DXCC list available. It's
printable, by the way. You could also import it into a spreadsheet and use the result for progress tracking.

The Feedback address bounced for some reason, but I will get that corrected in a phone call tomorrow.

+ I also received an "email delivery failed" message, even though my message was successfully posted. The other forums to
which I post via email are not generating failure messages.


Dave, AA6YQ

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A free DXCC list from the ARRL is available here:


Dave, AA6YQ

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Just received my DXCC LIST, Order #0002082261.

The complete book is out of order and/or missing pages.

Some pages are totally missing, other sections have been printed twice.


* Under ARRL DXCC LIST, 1st page shows enities 1A-5V; 2nd page starts
out with KP5-SV-SZ, J4
* Two pages later that listing starts all over again, and repeats
* All Deleted Enities/Prefix Cross Reference pages are printed in full

May I have a replacement? I would presume free of charge.

Order was stamped QC#001

(Wonder how many like this one were sold at Dayton)


Dale H. Cole K8TS

5138 S. Granite

Jackson, MI 49201, USA

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