Re: Challenge Award

Dave AA6YQ

I was referring to the Challenge award NOT LOTW in asking how credits are applied.

+ They are the same, Neil. A DXCC credit applies to a confirmed QSO - whether the QSO is confirmed via QSL card or via LoTW.

I also found that per the DXCC dept that in order to get "credit" in my DXCC account old QSL cards prior to LOTW were needed to be resubmitted to get band credit that did not appear in my DXCC account.

+ That's because your "old" QSL card was submitted to the DXCC desk "before computerization". In those days, if you submitted a QSL card with DXCC Entity E on Band B in mode M but only requested (and paid for) DXCC credit for E and E-B, that's what was recorded in your DXCC record; no E-M credit was recorded. Today, we pay by the confirmation; submitting a QSL card or LoTW confirmation generates E, E-B, and E-M credit.


Dave, AA6YQ

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