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Steven R Daniel, D.D.S.

Good afternoon Dale. I remember a conversation with Don Search at the Huntsville Hamvention, many years ago. At that time Don was in charge of DXCC and the Challenge was being introduced.  At no time do I remember mode counters being mentioned. Nor does the current description of the Challenge mention modes other than that any accepted amateur mode (ie. FT8 or FT4) counts for the award so long as the station is legally operating in that DXCC entity. 
I am not trying to be argumentative. But as someone who has worked for this award since its inception your description of what counts as a "point" does not jibe with my understanding.
Be well.
Steve Daniel, NN4T

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Some of the legacy awards, ones that take years to complete, (i.e. 5BDXCC, Challenge, etc.), one may start out with the vision in their head of the plaque, then as they finally attain their goal the plaque changes and it is something they might turn their nose up at. For years I worked for the 5XDXCC, then found the plaque changed. Disappointment and heartache. Sharron found one for me and I was excited as a puppy!

For challenge, I was always under the impression that if one worked a country on one band it was one point, and if they worked them in a different mode it was another point. From what I now understand that is not so. Despite that, I’m almost there. Pickings get slimmer as you near 300 as I think everyone will agree.

Good luck in your endevors gentlemen!

Dale K8TS

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I agree that the older style plaques should be available for those that want one. As for the cost, I assume that HQ would just pass that along to the person requesting the award. So there would be no cost to the League. My 2 cents worth. 


 Bruce NJ3K 

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I prefer the more prestigious older looking awards over the new Trendy designs of late.  To each their own.  Does anyone actually do any marketing studies on what the members actually want before changing awards and art work?  Are there panels of people that are asked for their opinions and given options?    This is a pretty common thing in marketing and our awards are marketing.


On 5/9/2022 11:47 AM, Steven R Daniel, D.D.S. wrote:

Good afternoon all. I rarely post to this list but I read and enjoy the posts. I have participated in the Challenge since its inception. I just reviewed the rules on and found them to be clear and succinct. Including the part about no certificate being available. That discussion has gone on for approximately two years. 

May I ask, Neil, what you and your colleagues find wanting in the posted description? 

Steve Daniel, NN4T

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Thanks Ria, I would suggest that a CLEAR explanation of the Challenge award be written and published. A few friends have the same issue that I did. I finally hit the 1500 mark last week and that may be it. I doubt I will hit the 2000 mark. I have 347 country/entity confirmations in LOTW and 8 bands. so what I am now chasing is band or mode contacts. Still fun. Again thanks for the reply. Also I agree with others the plaque is ugly. However, I do have one. The certificate is much nicer for the other awards. I have the old and new WAS certificate a nice job was done with the new one.
88 es tnx    Neil   N4FN   and like you I chase 'em on CW, Digital and some Phone.  Oh another thought on LOTW why does the column head for Digital still read RT for RTTY. It should have been changed a long time ago. Again my two centavos.

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