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Steven R Daniel, D.D.S.

Good afternoon all. I rarely post to this list but I read and enjoy the posts. I have participated in the Challenge since its inception. I just reviewed the rules on and found them to be clear and succinct. Including the part about no certificate being available. That discussion has gone on for approximately two years. 
May I ask, Neil, what you and your colleagues find wanting in the posted description? 
Steve Daniel, NN4T

On 05/09/2022 10:30 AM Neil Foster <archernf@...> wrote:

Thanks Ria, I would suggest that a CLEAR explanation of the Challenge award be written and published. A few friends have the same issue that I did. I finally hit the 1500 mark last week and that may be it. I doubt I will hit the 2000 mark. I have 347 country/entity confirmations in LOTW and 8 bands. so what I am now chasing is band or mode contacts. Still fun. Again thanks for the reply. Also I agree with others the plaque is ugly. However, I do have one. The certificate is much nicer for the other awards. I have the old and new WAS certificate a nice job was done with the new one.
88 es tnx    Neil   N4FN   and like you I chase 'em on CW, Digital and some Phone.  Oh another thought on LOTW why does the column head for Digital still read RT for RTTY. It should have been changed a long time ago. Again my two centavos.

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