Re: Challenge Award

Neil Foster

Thanks Ria, I would suggest that a CLEAR explanation of the Challenge award be written and published. A few friends have the same issue that I did. I finally hit the 1500 mark last week and that may be it. I doubt I will hit the 2000 mark. I have 347 country/entity confirmations in LOTW and 8 bands. so what I am now chasing is band or mode contacts. Still fun. Again thanks for the reply. Also I agree with others the plaque is ugly. However, I do have one. The certificate is much nicer for the other awards. I have the old and new WAS certificate a nice job was done with the new one.
88 es tnx    Neil   N4FN   and like you I chase 'em on CW, Digital and some Phone.  Oh another thought on LOTW why does the column head for Digital still read RT for RTTY. It should have been changed a long time ago. Again my two centavos.

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