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Ria, N2RJ

Thanks Neil.

There are some lingering software issues that are being taken care of. Even though I’m not directly involved in the implementation I’ve done this sort of thing before so I know what they are facing in terms of challenges. 

Challenge as far as I know is basically just band entity and only for those on the current list. You get no extra points for different modes for challenge. For example if you work Germany on 20 SSB that is a challenge point. If you again work Germany on 20 but on CW that’s not an extra challenge point. However I try to work all entities on the three modes (CW, SSB, Digi) for the three mode awards which is separate from challenge. 

As far as LoTW goes -

Challenge is only for current entities. Deleted entities do not count. They also drop off your challenge record once they are deleted. For example I lost the original Netherlands Antilles when they were dissolved. This is ONLY for challenge. Other awards count current and deleted.

LoTW will list your records for credits that you obtained with cards and had in your DXCC record. However I believe that the way they are described in ADIF format they won’t necessarily reflect as confirmed/verified in some logging software.

I really don’t know why you’re being asked to pay again for credits for challenge now from past credits. Seems like it should have been automatically applied. You’re not the first one I’m hearing this from. 


On Sun, May 8, 2022 at 1:50 PM Neil Foster <archernf@...> wrote:
Thank you for your contributions to this forum it is very much appreciated. I typically have avoided posting but do enjoy (for the most part) reading the posts. With the exception from a very few pundits who take the League to task. I do not remember the member who stated "We are the ARRL", i could not agree more. Most of my dealings as a DXer are with the DXCC desk and I am happy to state that there are two ladies Sharon Taratula and Deb Voight who always provide outstanding and excellent service. That being said I have been trying to understand how one receives credit/points toward the Challenge. As of today according to LOTW I have 8734 Records in LOTW, 3029 QSL Records and 1507 Challenge Points/Credits (whatever is the proper term). The website is not clear and it needs to be a lot clearer on how the credits are awarded. Recently I sent to Bart Jahnke at HQ an email to his and also his Gmail that he published In his reply to a post recently I gave several examples and asked how the credits were awarded. I have not heard back. And that is almost 2 weeks ago.. You seemed to be on top of things re awards and wonder if you can explain to this "olde" geezer ' how it works. Understanding LOTW is easy (for the most part), the challenge to me is a mystery. On another manner I reached out to Sharon Taratula (she is a boon to the DXer) and I wondered why quite a few of my old DX contacts did not show a band credit in LOTW. I wish I had saved some of the old green bar tractor fed reports from that time.  Sharon as always was speedy with a reply and a solution. Most of the old contacts were from the Don Search (SK) days way before LOTW so I gathered the cards and took them to the local checker. Paying a fee on cards that had already paid for a submission years ago. No biggie...So now my LOTW tally has bands and mode credit for the old cards. When the recent ARRL software update debacle took place my email forwarding no longer worked. It took reaching out to the CEO to get it resolved since I was not getting help.. I was contacted by someone in the IT department and it was resolved quickly Sometimes it takes going to the top to get things done, but I am sure he has more important things to do.
Again thanks for what you do.    88 es stay well   Neil Foster   N4FN

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