Re: Challenge certificate

Dave AA6YQ

Furthermore, Ria, your claim posted here that "LoTW has some serious underlying problems which makes adding additional awards/events problematic." is also false:

1. Starting in 2013, LoTW was successfully extended to support the NPOTA online activity, the Centennial online activity, and the Grid Chase online activity; each of these extensions included a realtime leaderboard.

2. In early 2018, LoTW was extended to support the CQ WAZ award.

No "serious underlying problems" were encountered during any of these development efforts. Had there been, they would have been described in the ARRL-LOTW Committee's reports to the Board of Directors.

No awards have been added to LoTW since 2018 because ARRL management re-assigned all LoTW developers to other projects:

1. the DXCC system reimplementation, which subsequently failed - for a second time

2. deployment of the Personify association management software, which at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars and 4 years of no forward progress on LoTW has given us the ability to "renew, donate, and shop all in one transaction"

Meanwhile, the only action that the ARRL has taken to capitalize on the subsequent widespread adoption of new digital modes that make HF operation significantly more accessible to new hams is to offer an FT8 WAS endorsement.

de AA6YQ

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