Re: Challenge certificate

Dave AA6YQ

I didn't post a personal insult, you took it as that.

+ Declaring me to be the master of inanity is a personal insult.

A personal insult is you telling others you'd short the stock of my employer because you thought I was a terrible programmer (which is extreme irony in itself, but I digress).

+ That's completely false.

+ We were having a discussion on Facebook - before you became an ARRL Director - about whether to publicize the identities of candidates for the ARRL CEO position, which was open at the time. I posted that most high-quality candidates already had a good job, and wouldn't want it publicized that they were "looking". You responded that your company publicizes the identities of candidates, which prompted my "your company would be a good short" remark (because its policy deprives it of strong candidates). That was a criticism of your company, not a criticism of you, much less a personal insult.

+ Several of our mutual friends were party to that exchange.

de AA6YQ

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