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Steve Rutledge, N4JQQ, Delta, my phone is 901-849-7449 although email preferred.


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John K2VV

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How do we find out who are representatives are?

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As of yesterday, the DXAC has been asked to review whether 5BDXCC should be granted for any 5 bands instead of the original 80-40-20-15-10. Comments to your DXAC representative are encouraged.


John K2VV

Chairman ARRL DX Advisory Committee

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Thanks for your rapid response. The suggestion was about using all of the bands to accomplish the 5BDXCC award instead of just the one's presently required.
I believe you are correct that the suggestion may be with the PSC but it would be appropriate to know for certain and whether or not they intend to forward it for further comment or reject it.
It has been over a year now. 
73 Murray K3BEQ

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Can you give a brief synonymous on what the change is?
 Bruce NJ3K
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Review of the requirements for 5BDXCC was included in a list of DXAC proposals in July, 2019.

DXAC has not yet received any feedback from the Board or PSC.


John K2VV

Chairman ARRL DX Advisory Committee

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Perhaps you can help me on this matter.

Over a year ago I submitted a suggestion concerning changes to the 5BANDDXCC award with the blessings of my MDC Division Director. After numerous exchanges with him, my DXCC representative and even the current CEO no one seems to know exactly where the suggestion is. It appears it is somewhere in at Headquarters. During this time I had to instigate status request messages because no one has kept me informed of the suggestion's progress.

I would like to know if the suggestion is still alive and being processed through various states of approval or disapproval. Your consideration is appreciated.

73 Murray, K3BEQ
Bruce A. Manning

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