Re: Challenge certificate

Dave AA6YQ

Open governance doesn't mean I should just subject myself to people taking shots at the League at me.

+ The League exists to serve its members. If you are unwilling to hear civil criticism of the League's actions, you should not have become a League Director.

+ You posted a personal insult in this forum. When I asked you to explain your claim that

"LoTW has some serious underlying problems which makes adding additional awards/events problematic."

+ You responded

"Dave I am avoiding answering your questions because you are the master of the strawman and back and forth arguments and inanity."

+ That's an explicit violation of the rules governing this forum: "Neither personal attacks nor foul language will be tolerated".

+ When the ARRL's "Communications with Members" Committee created this and other online forums, we expected League Directors to set a positive example.

de AA6YQ

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