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Hans, you could always call the ARRL.  I'm sure you would get a quicker answer.

Steve, N4JQQ

On 4/29/2022 10:09 PM, HH Brakob wrote:

Are there any HQ or “elected official” lurkers who could update us?


73, de Hans, KØHB

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Last year sometime I was told that “it’s in graphics”.  Since then, just crickets.


73, de Hans, KØHB

“Just a Boy and his Radio”™

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Is there an update on the availability of the Challenge certificate? 



I roll my own certificates when needed. I put a Digital sticker on my 5BDXCC (combination of RTTY and FT8) and presto! I had a digital one. 



I could make a  Challenge certificate of my own (copy the low-res picture of the Challenge plaque from the ARRL website, sharpen it up with a photo editor, fill it in), but I'd rather have an official one. 





Ken, AB1J


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