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Gordon Beattie, W2TTT

Frank K4FMH,
Yes, and thank you!
No offense taken!  

For folks who might have misunderstood, I wanted to cut off snide comments about the League staff.  It seems that no good deed, or positive comment, goes unpunished!  :-)

Here's some good news...

Today, I took the plunge and logged into the new web site and registered seamlessly.  It went well, but with a few small bumps that were, or will be smoothed out shortly.

I did have a question about reviewing and changing my profile, so I called the League.  After a very brief wait, a HQ staffer, (John?) was helpful and efficient in guiding me to the Store tab.  I'm not sure that would have been my first choice in a web site redesign, but it makes sense in that you would want the centrality of account security to be focused on anything financial.  From there, credentials for other less critical profile elements can be distributed. 

I had also tried to register for a course, and that is when I found that the credential flow to the training platform is not up to snuff quite yet.  The main login credentials are to flow to the learning platform, but currently they are not.  

The HQ staffer transfered me to Steve Goodgame, the League's new Lifelong Learning manager.  A brief voicemail was left, and ten minutes later my phone rang with Steve on the phone explaining that the issue was being worked and that it should be resolved in a day or so.  That is awesome customer service!

In summary, this is a complex platform conversion and part of an overall media management evolution.  Things are going well, but with some bumps that dedicated people are addressing.  Be patient, document issues so that they can be resolved and get on the air for a pleasant QSO!


Gordon Beattie, W2TTT 

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You do realize that my note was a compliment, don’t you?



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