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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I don't find LoTW hard to use. Most of the complexity is hidden by DX Lab Suite's DX Keeper. It uploads new QSOs and downloads confirmations, pretty much at the click of a button. What could be easier? I could make the QSO for me (but that's what WSJT-X is for!)

+ A logging application can't hide the need for you to

- request and manage LoTW "Callsign Certificates"

- link your LoTW DXCC account to your DXCC Record after making your first DXCC award application

- define rules governing your LoTW WAS account and your LoTW VUCC account

- either accept LoTW's naïve (and unnecessarily expensive) selection of confirmed QSOs to submit for DXCC, VUCC, and WAS award credits, or manually select an optimal set of QSOs to submit

- manually update logged QSO to reflect the granting of VUCC and WAS award credits

+ A user who is pursuing DXCC, VUCC, and/or WAS awards should not need to know anything more than the rules of each award, and should not need to specify anything more than the bands and modes on which each award is being pursued, and the location(s) from which each award is being pursued. The current implementation of LoTW falls well short of this because its interoperation with the ARRL's DXCC, VUCC, and WAS systems was implemented under a "minimum development time" constraint rather than a "minimum user-perceived complexity" constraint.

+ What's needed is a top-level RadioSport user interface that provides each user with access to the functionality of the ARRL's LoTW, DXCC, VUCC, and WAS systems while hiding the implementation details, constraints, and requirements that the current arrangement forces users to understand in order to accomplish their objectives.

+ The RadioSport user interface concept was developed by ARRL's LoTW Committee in 2016.


Dave, AA6YQ

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