Re: Emailed QSLs

Dave AA6YQ

.... so I guess an equivalent dual structure in LoTW (adding a low-integrity entry level with reduced authentication criteria - less checks on locations, licenses etc.) might perhaps double the number of LoTW users, even if roughly half the resulting QSOs had a lower level of assurance, insufficient to claim [some] awards such as DXCC.

That would be a substantial pool of potential new recruits to the current high-integrity LoTW and DXCC.

+ With LoTW's current level of gratuitous complexity, adding "low integrity confirmations" would likely drive more users away than it would attract.

+ After LoTW's authentication and security measures have been properly made to disappear from user awareness, "low integrity confirmations" could be re-visited - with a better name, of course.


Dave, AA6YQ

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