Re: Emailed QSLs

Dave AA6YQ

Why would people not use LOTW? I would assume the cost to verify a digitally signed card or use a LOTW contact would be the same price or should be. That is essentially what LOTW is less the card and graphics etc. It is just the data of the contacts required for the awards.

+ Until LoTW is available in more languages and made easier to use, there will be resistance to worldwide adoption. Were development resources available, would rather see them focus on ease-of-use than supporting another mechanism.

I understand wanting to avoid or reduce the costs associated with mailing a card and getting a reply back. LOTW already does this. Do we need another system? I have no issues with DXpeditions making LOTW available immediately to those who donated. Most will upload the complete log after 6 months or more. I think paying outright for a LOTW confirmation is pretty lousy.

+ Adding a donation mechanism to LoTW would help, but doing so is lower priority than improve ease-of-use and eliminating the need for users to be aware of implementation details (like "Callsign Certificates").

CQ Magazines USA-CA requires written confirmation of all 3077 counties. Today the costs for doing this are very high. I tried unsuccessfully with CQ to allow emailed confirmations and was shot down. I was met with resistance from the old guard that did not want to allow people to have an easier and less expensive way to get an award. CQ will allow hand written cards or sheets of paper if you happen to contact the same person in many counties which helped.

+ After negotiating LoTW support for WAZ with CQ in 2017, we agreed that USA-CA support should be the next step. Conversations with CQ's then USA-CA award manager were positive, in part because WAZ support went so smoothly. The re-assignment of all LoTW developers to other projects in early 2018 stopped this initiative cold - along with several others (e.g. IOTA).

I think we do need to be open to the changing times.

LOTW is not an option for USA-CA at the time. The price for using LOTW if USA-CA was ever added to LOTW would probably be quite expensive.

+ CQ would set the price, as they did with WAZ.


Dave, AA6YQ

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