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OMG !!!

This thread amazes me, although some what enjoyable at times
did we really answer the question, I will take a stab at it and probably fall far from the bullseye :)

The original question was.....

I have received several QSLs via email with a request for a reply. 
The sender also says they are putting the QSO on LoTW and sending a QSL via the bureau.


Is there any value to an emailed QSL? 
If the QSL were printed and submitted for an award, would it count? 
If not, then why? 
Is there a difference between a printed QSL and a printed QSL that’s on a card?

The face of ham radio is changing and so are the approaches to confirming a QSO. 
Now LoTW has it’s level of security but a paper QSL? 
End Quote

He got all kinds of answers some implying North Korea is not even worth working,  that one blew me away
But it goes to the heart of my point......

By the way....
For that replier he has little interest apparently in being Number one of the DXCC Honor Roll and is focused on working Grid Squares
That is fantastic and is a major part of our hobby in that not everyone loves CW, or Slow Scan TV etc
But there are folks that do, I respect what others enjoy doing and do not wise to piss on anyone's style of enjoying our great hobby.

To the heart of the original poster's question
Is a paper QSL worth anything, or even an emailed version?

My reply is simply.......

Yes, it is worth something to the person that requested it, and is that not in the sprit of the QSL in the first place.

Maybe you need their QSL, then wait and see if they did as promised (He did indicate that they said they would upload to LOTW)

wait a week and check, if you need that confirmation
then if it is there send the reply by email with you info
If not then kindly send them an email request to do as promised and you will oblige their request
However, I would lean towards sending the "emailed" QSL and I am sure they will oblige to follow through on their end.
After all, is there zero trust now in our fellow Ham OPS, don't answer I already know gone are the days of accepting a check with just a callsign on it.
But gee over a QSL, have some faith.

I have seen QSL info on chucks of Wood, Napkins, Post -It Notes, Chamber of Commerce Post Cards etc.
Those chunks of Wood and even a couple of those Napkins are very valuable to some of those recipients.

I personally use LOTW, period, however when I receive an email request to upload contact info to eQSL I will do so, promptly
eQSL's are NOT valid for ARRL Awards, but they are of value to others

Just my point of view and I meant no inflection of Dis to anyone.


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