Re: Emailed QSLs


If specifically request I will reply to anjy QSL

For example I do not normally use eQSL
however many others do, eQSL is not accepted for DXCC awards
however many use it to pursue other awards even those provided by eQSL itself
So when I get an email request to upload an eQSL I Do so and I usually add to the email reply a polite note reminding them if they later on pursue ARRL Awards, those eQSL's are invalid.

I prefer LOTW
it saves both parties $ and is efficient as compared to snail mail
and I no longer (as of 5 years ago) have envelopes at the Buro
So those sent that way I never see, they go into the trash.

I also prefer SASE however I do QSL the few I get with no SASE
out of courtesy

So when you say a picture sent by email of a QSL is invalid
I understand you mean it is not valid for awards you consider
it may be a valid QSL to the sender's needs or wants.


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