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As a qsl manager I have gotten qsls in all shapes and sizes. Post-it notes, 3x5 cards, letters, and traditional qsl cards. 

As long as the required contact info is there it is a valid qsl. 

For EQSLs we use a generic qsl card. If the operator wants a special event qsl then a SASE is required.

In the case you describe you could acknowledge the contact and indicate that if the op wants a qsl card they can send an SASE. 

There are so many awards out there besides the ARRL and CQ awards that it is up to the operator what piece of paper/certificate they want to pursue. Also think about the other op. While you have had a great run with 9-band WAS, etc. we all started with the first QSO and QSL. 

Trustee WM3PEN

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In the past couple of days, I received a PDF of a QSL.  However, that QSL was accompanied with a note explaining that they were sending a card out via buro, using URE’s QD-URE service (create QSL designs on their site, upload ADIF files, and they print, sort, and ship the cards out for you).
One of the things the QD-URE service permits is downloading PDFs of the QSL cards that will be generated.  It’s a nifty feature, especially if you’re looking for confirmation that your custom QSL design actually works.  :)
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I am receiving emails with a picture of a QSL for a QSO.  This practice seems to be one used by ops on FT8.  As far as I know, such QSLs, while nice, are worthless for any award.  I am reluctant to send a reply QSL and tell the sender if he would like a QSL to please send one with sase.
I don’t need the QSLs.  I don’t chase the US counties award and I have 9-band WAS.
Pete Chamalian, W1RM

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