Re: Grid chase 2022

Gordon Beattie, W2TTT

Remain upbeat.  In Dave's world the ARRL has failed,

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😊   <- Iconic smiley face pre-empting a vaguely humourous, tongue-in-cheek retort, Dave.


Imagine where LoTW, plus the rest of ARRL’s IT presence, might be in a year or three’s time, given appropriate strategies, support, resourcing and a modicum of good fortune!


Sorry to be so upbeat and enthusiastic.  Just trying to counterbalance your negativity and angst in the hope of ending up in a more realistic place, most of all moving forwards, neither backwards nor at a dead stop.



Gary    ZL2iFB



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Imagine where we'd be now had the ARRL gotten LoTW mostly right from the get-go....


de AA6YQ

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