Re: Grid chase 2022

Ria, N2RJ

Don't take this as an official anything, but there are a few things to consider.

LoTW has some serious underlying problems which makes adding
additional awards/events problematic. There are two schools of
thought, one is fixing it bit by bit and another is scrapping and
completely redoing it. I am a fan of the latter rather than the former
but I don't make the final decision on that.

I personally thought that Grid Chase became a giant FT8 robot war, and
thus diminished its appeal for me. Yes, there were stations operating
24/7 robots despite them denying that they did so. If you are going to
disagree with me on this, do it without attacking me please.

There have been events in the past that relied upon the honor system,
no confirmations required etc. But that meant that instant
gratification for standings and certs were not there.

As for HQ having the resources to do this, I am not sure. There are
quite a few vacancies that need to be filled and ARRL is in a state of
transition right now. One of those vacancies is an IT director since
the last director retired.

But I want to know, why specifically Grid Chase? It seemed to be the
less popular of the events, compared to centennial and NPOTA. Also
consider that NPOTA sort of lives on in the form of the POTA program
which is its own independent entity and program but bears some
similarities to NPOTA. POTA is extremely popular with many. The
upcoming ARRL learning center will have courses on how to do POTA and
SOTA. They are actually quite good.


On Fri, Nov 26, 2021 at 12:14 AM Gary Hinson <Gary@...> wrote:

Hey ARRL award meisters,

Any chance of reinstating the grid chase next year?

Despite being popular when first run, it was dropped like a hot coal at the end of the year, for some reason.

Personally, I’m not fussed about actual awards, certificates, plaques (wooden or Perspex), trophies, medallions, fancy COVID masks or whatever. For me, the fun is in the chase, the league table, friendly competition against my peers (meaning other ZLs chasing HF DX … or any other peer group one cares to identify with).

How about it, ARRL?

Anyone else interested, beside me?


Gary ZL2iFB

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