Re: Grid chase 2022

Gordon Beattie, W2TTT

It's not a scheme.  It's a fixed budget to software development.  If there are donations, then the ARRL management can use them to pay for the development and free up money for other projects and needs.  If there are no donations, then the development proceeds per the budget.

It's been awhile since I've seen such negatively.   Hans seems to have a point.  Your arguments may have some validity, but the negativity is tiresome.  Honestly, I start to avoid negativity, even when accompanied by some useful thoughts, because of the "overhead".  This leads to some folks being ignored.  You might want to present solutions that get more people on the air without invoking a derisive rant mode of response that runs through your posts. They are a turn-off and do not help improve anything.
Gordon Beattie,  W2TTT

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Again, you are considering ideas in a very literal and narrow scope.  If the ARRL collects donations, it can then use those funds to fulfill or offset a fixed budget for competent software developers. 

+ That scheme would fool no developer the ARRL would want to hire.

de AA6YQ

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