Re: Grid chase 2022

Gordon Beattie, W2TTT

Here's the real point... why bother tying these events to LOTW at all if  you have a resource crisis?  The operating event should be the primary focus. 

If LOTW is an issue, then use the Award Checkers through ARRL affiliated clubs to validate applications and TRUST people to attach a simple log on their application for the reward.  Longer term they can submit their logs to LOTW outside of busy periods to  even out demand load. 

If something happened in 2013 that still bothers you, I'd recommend some outside the box solution brainstormibg instead of being a "Dr. No".

Gordon Beattie, W2TTT

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While I have not actively pursued these events, I have enjoyed many interesting QSOs that resulted from them.  From an objective
viewpoint, why should anyone oppose such activities and their promotion?

+ I opposed them in 2013 because they diverted the ARRL's two LoTW developers from the higher priority task re-implementing the LoTW
Server to improve its robustness and performance. Recall that a latent defect in the Server triggered by increased usage in late
2012 brought LoTW to a dead stop. Diverting LoTW's developers from the task of preventing a recurrence of this event to tasks that
would increase the probability of recurrence (by attracting more users) was a demonstration that the Board had learned nothing.

Frankly, it all sounds like good clean fun with a laundry list of positives and negligible/no negatives.

+ Right, if you don't consider the increased usage triggering another fatal performance defect and LoTW being canceled by a
frustrated Board of Directors to be a negative. Fortunately, that didn't happen - likely, as I said, due to TQSL's duplicate

+ Were development resources available now, I would not object to their resuscitating NPOTA or the Grid Chase. But  there are no
LoTW development resources now, so the point is moot.

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