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Not a hack in any way shape or form.  That would be saying JTDX is a hack which it is not.  It adds or added features not found in the original program. Full Automation is not one of them.  JTDX allows you to ignore your country when calling CQ DX, allows you to ignore dupes and many other things.

There are other ways the WSJT could be automated using other programs.  In the end does it really matter?  The ARRL gets to sell more awards. 

I guess I don't see it as a big deal, much like DXpeditions having secret scheds to work their home stations or clubs, people they deem more special. 

You do you and I will do me.  I don't compare my awards to anyone else.  They are my awards earned my way.


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I  think it would be know to us non gurus as a “hack” LOL

Have a good day!

Dale K8TS


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A fork is a term used in software development where someone takes a

particular piece of software and then adds their own code to it and

creates a new program. Think of it like a fork in the road.






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> Good Afternoon Ria;

> I just read your comments below. First of all, I am totally against automation, especially when it applies to DXCC where it is expressly prohibited.

> You make the statement “one of them being a fork of WSJT”

> Can you elaborate on that phrase? I don’t understand what you mean by a “fork”.

> I do see a couple of FT8 stations that I can definitely say are not under direct operator control.

> You may reply to me off board if you wish.

> TU es 73,

> Dale K8TS

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> Official WSJT-x doesn’t include any automation beyond auto sequence for a contact that was already initiated manually.

> There are third party programs, one of them being a fork of WSJT. These offer full automation, you click a button and it will CQ or answer CQs fully automatically.

> I will leave it at that because I don’t want to encourage the practice. But it is definitely “out there.”

> It’s easy to tell who’s using one of the programs because when they send spots to pskreporter you see the app version they are using.

> 73

> Ria

> N2RJ

> On Wed, Sep 29, 2021 at 10:39 AM Tom Schaefer NY4I <thomasmschaefer@...> wrote:

> A question and an observation…

> I have scoured the WSJT-X documentation. Ria mentioned unattended mode. I cannot find a reference to that mode. In fact, the authors specifically did not include that and frown upon any code forks that would add it. What am I missing?

> Note I’m not talking about WSPR which is a different  animal.

> For the observation, if you think FT8 is too easy, turn off auto-seq. When I first started using FT8, I did not realize there was an auto-seq mode ( since my prior experience was with JT65 which lacked that option). I was never as busy operating without auto sequencing. So you can easily up the workload and engagement factor with one simple checkbox.

> Tom NY4I







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