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I don't understand the people that want to stop people from enjoying the hobby and activating the bands and making contacts.  No remotes, nope.  If you don't send rr73 or 73 in FT/X no contact and the list goes on and on.


On 9/7/2021 10:11 PM, Hans Brakob wrote:

By that test pretty much every contest QSO (in any mode) would be NIL.B





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+ AA6YQ comments below


I can’t conceive of a “robot check” (generally available to “Joe Sixpack” casual operators) which would reveal that my QSO partner was not an attended station.  So I work the station, claim it in an applications for an award (with the appropriate fee payment), and am denied the award.


+ Extend the protocol to enable an operator to send a Turing test to his or her QSO partner, and receive the result. Wrong answer => not in log.


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