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I got the distinct impression that the forums on the web site were to be discontinued when the open groups were established, but that may not be the case.  The notice at the top of the main page says they are accessible only by members.  I don't know how many of the various HQ departments monitor them.

Zak, W1VT from the ARRL Lab seems to be very good at fielding technical questions.  Zak puts his ARRL position in his signature, and almost always either answers the question directly or points the member at places to find the answer, or both.  Many responders don't identify their ARRL position, or the responses are not from HQ representatives.

For questions/complaints/observations such as the DXCC plaque issue that began this thread, the answer, if there actually is one posted, is usually "Call HQ." 

Forums suffer from a couple of intrinsic problems which usually severely limit their effectiveness:

1.  Anyone can start a new topic with whatever name he/she desires, and there is often little reuse of topics.  Looking at the list, many topics have 1 post [the original] and more than 4 posts is uncommon.

2.  Because of #1, it's difficult for an organization [like the Awards desk at HQ] to wade through everything all the time.  The forums are really designed for Q&A which works pretty well in the tech arena, but not so much in the daily business and policy arena.

3.  While one needs to be talking with the HQ organization in charge of your issue, you end up talking to a whole bunch of other people, none of whom can actually do anything for you.

Email list groups such as this one aren't much better in that regard, and may be equally bad.

I've seen ARRL's basic problem in other member organizations.  In ARRL's case, we saw a number of years [really decades] when the BoD became detached from the membership, possibly somewhat over-impressed with their status, and under-impressed with their responsibilities for transparency.  The BS7H decision might have been made in that environment.😉  Meanwhile, the operational staff, left on its own, start to become independent, non-responsive, and autocratic, and a member who has gripe with the very difficult to obtain achievement yielding a trophy different from the usual and which he sees as tawdry gets little if any response.

It's a very tough problem to solve.  The only way I've ever seen it work is to put everything [and I really mean everything] on the table.  That has yet to happen here.


Fred ["Skip"] K6DGW
Sparks NV DM09dn
Washoe County

On 7/28/2021 6:21 PM, K8TS wrote:

Is it possible that the staff and management of ARRL are monitoring a different set of forums rather than these which where created by the Communications Committee.

The forums that I refer to are located on the opening page of the ARRL Web Site. The link takes you here:

                MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from "" claiming to be Forum » Home (


It specifically indicates that staff and personnel at HQ are monitoring these forums from the ARRL site.

Realizing there are a few Directors and SM following the pages, I at times wonder if the HQ community as a whole know these exist, even though they were publicly announced.

Some posts pre-date these groups, but many have been made since.

Is this possible? Just saying..

Dale K8TS

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