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HH Brakob

AA6YQ writes:


+ And it's so nice to have an un-informed Director blame the volunteers who created and moderate the new groups without having lifted a finger to first understand the situation.


… and also writes:


+ … And frankly, ARRL leadership doesn't give a damn, as we've heard from the Dakotas Director.



There’s a level of comment, even fair comment, about the low level of League leadership involvement in these forums.  I’m sure we’d all like to see more interaction from them.


The subscriber list for these groups isn’t visible, but I can surmise that other volunteers, paid staff, and elected individuals (beyond the handful that have posted) probably lurk and take action on items that they see (I have direct evidence this is true based on off channel communications I got from a concern that I aired here). 


But why would they expose themselves to ad-hominem attacks similar to the ones above?


Those strident remarks do not strike me as helpful in encouraging a collegial exchange of concern/feedback/response which would benefit both the membership and the “crowd at Newington”.


73, de Hans, K0HB

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