Re: Forum Issue?

Barry Porter KB1PA

The way it is “supposed to be” but in reality it is not:

SMs take feedback from their members, and give this info to their
Division Director. This is what is broken. Most Division Directors
do not want or care to listen to the SMs. We are supposed to be in the
Directors cabinet, and the Directors are supposed to have cabinet meetings.
Again, broken.

However, This should NOT stop you from taking feedback from places
like here, and reporting this feedback to your Director, and Documenting
that feedback was sent. Also request followup on any actions taken or not taken.

As has been said here before, the Directors need to be accountable to their
members, and if they are not, WE have the power of the ballot box (the executive
committee and other directors do not have this power (other than rigging
elections but that is another story).

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