Re: Forum Issue?

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Is it possible that the staff and management of ARRL are monitoring a different set of forums rather than these which where created by the Communications Committee.

The forums that I refer to are located on the opening page of the ARRL Web Site. The link takes you here:

Forum ยป Home ( <>

It specifically indicates that staff and personnel at HQ are monitoring these forums from the ARRL site.

Realizing there are a few Directors and SM following the pages, I at times wonder if the HQ community as a whole know these exist, even though they were publicly announced.

Some posts pre-date these groups, but many have been made since.

+ The forums in

+ are only accessible to ARRL members. Those covered by the 7 "open to everyone" forums established by the "Member Communications" Committee were to have been closed to prevent confusion. Two years later, that hasn't yet been accomplished; it's often difficult to tell whether the ARRL has died, or is just operating at its usual glacial pace - especially when changes to an ARRL web page are involved.


Dave, AA6YQ

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