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Ria, N2RJ

Not a bad idea.

The orientation I received in 2019 was horribly deficient. They didn’t even tell me how to send emails to the division. I had to ask others. And of course no handover from my predecessor who didn’t even answer my emails or phone calls. 

All of this is being/has been improved. 

The groups are new. But they should be included in orientation. There are moderators for each group who are supposed to answer questions as well. 


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Bill, et al,
Perhaps the lists and related communications channels need to be in the new Director/Vice-Director orientation package? 

Thinking about it, I received a physical package when I served as an EC, SEC and TA, so perhaps there should be guided online instructions to help volunteers, and in the case of the HQ staff, employees complete certain enrollments, training and administrative sign-ups?

Even new, renewed and even (periodically) life members could get an email guiding them through a digital training.

The key thing is to not require attention and completion in one login session.  That is too demanding and annoying.


Gordon Beattie, W2TTT

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I suspect most of us found out about this list from the ARRL website or the ARRL Letter. 

ARRL Creates New Online Groups for Members to Communicate with Leadership

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There are other ARRL representatives on the list, just by the time I receive and read the messages Ria typically has already responded.

As for not having very many ARRL representatives here I have to put part of the blame on whoever started the list. I can't speak for others but I never received an invite to join the list when I became a director. Nor was I made aware the purpose of the list is to have an exchange with HQ which would have given me reason to join. It was some time after becoming a director that I learned of this and joined the list.

But then it is pretty easy to start a list, claim to have contact with a group of individuals that most likely were not invited and then accuse them of various things.

Dakota Division Director

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