Re: Disappointed in Triple Play "plaque"

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Things are changing in real-time at HQ, so don't let your past experiences color your expectations as new folks get on board.

+ My "experience" is current. My expectations have never been lower.

Also, there are lots of public lists out there where folks are less quick to complain as they seek to improve aspects of our hobby.
Club and section lists are examples.

Communications is always going to be a combination of public and private dialogue as folks seek to solve problems. The key is to
periodically share ideas developed in direct communications for broader input and refinement. This allows "dumb" ideas to be weeded
out and reduces the chance of embarassment, and frankly the wasting of time reading nonsense and the inevitable crescendo of
raspberries! :-)

From a participant's perspective, I often refrain from reading these lists because the manner of communication is more "bitching and
moaning" and also blaming. This doesn't make for a pleasant or informed read. No one likes to be around unpleasant people, so it
is important for us all to try to communicate issues by asking how we might go about solving a problem. Usually there are people
falling all over themselves to be helpful. If there are specific issues that aren't getting addressed on the lists, try the
Director, Vice-Director, or Section Manager or one of their staffs depending on the issue at hand.

+ That's generally ineffective. For example, Members of the ARRL-LoTW group have been asking their Directors to get development
resources assigned to LoTW for the past 3 years. The result: not only are there still no resources available to move LoTW forward,
but the ability to maintain LoTW has been lost. Repeated questions about this situation have gone unanswered.

In summary, effective communications depends on how you frame an issue and with whom you engage. Being positive, pleasant and civil
allows for graceful persistence until the matter gets clarified or fixed.

+ Little will get "clarified or fixed" until Board Meetings are live-streamed so that members can see firsthand how the Directors
they elect are performing -- or not performing.


Dave, AA6YQ

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