Re: Disappointed in Triple Play "plaque"

Gordon Beattie, W2TTT

Things are changing in real-time at HQ, so don't let your past experiences color your expectations as new folks get on board. 

Also, there are lots of public lists out there where folks are less quick to complain as they seek to improve aspects of our hobby.  Club and section lists are examples. 

Communications is always going to be a combination of public and private dialogue as folks seek to solve problems.  The key is to periodically share ideas developed in direct communications for broader input and refinement.  This allows "dumb" ideas to be weeded out and reduces the chance of embarassment, and frankly the wasting of time reading nonsense and the inevitable crescendo of raspberries!  :-)

From a participant's perspective, I often refrain from reading these lists because the manner of communication is more "bitching and moaning" and also blaming.  This doesn't make for a pleasant or informed read.  No one likes to be around unpleasant people, so it is important for us all to try to communicate issues by asking how we might go about solving a problem.  Usually there are people falling all over themselves to be helpful.  If there are specific issues that aren't getting addressed on the lists, try the Director, Vice-Director, or Section Manager or one of their staffs depending on the issue at hand. 

In summary, effective communications depends on how you frame an issue and with whom you engage.  Being positive, pleasant and civil allows for graceful  persistence until the matter gets clarified or fixed.

Gordon Beattie,  W2TTT

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I've seen and received email responses from NA2AA, N2RJ, W1RFI and W5OV on lists and in directed emails.  I think that everyday
interaction here can be good, but frankly it becomes a "bitch and moan" forum with liberal amounts of League bashing thrown in
abundance.  No one really wants to read that kind of stuff because its uncivil, even if rooted in a matter of importance.

+ "Directed emails" don't count, as they can't be viewed by anyone interested.

+ As you might expect, I have carefully monitored 7 online groups since their inception. The only current Director beside Ria N2RJ
that participates in these groups is Mickey N4MB. Greg K0GW, an ex-Director who leads the ARRL-LOTW Committee, participates in the
ARRL-LoTW online group.

I had a suggestion to revitalize and expand VHF+ contesting that adopted some ideas from Field Day.  I put in a reasoned assessment
of the current categories and highlighted some inherent deficiencies. Next came some specific points that could be, one by one,
incorporated into the rules.  It was well received and is under consideration along with inputs from others.  Because of how the
issue was framed, and how the solutions were presented, it  didn't put folks on the defensive, and that was noted and appreciated in

+ While we'd all prefer feedback to be positive and constructive, the leaders of an organization must actively solicit critique and
suggested improvements, and accept the responses in whatever form they arrive. Any leader who becomes defensive in the face of
criticism is by definition incompetent; gracefully and effectively handling such situations is Leadership 101.

In a long-term back and forth over an EMC noise and safety issue with W1RFI, we each expanded our respective understanding of both
the problems and the perception of problems, and how they might be addressed.   Again, thoughtful and respectful dialogue are
essential for effective communications.

+ My experience in suggesting a more aggressive approach to stopping Broadband over Powerline (BPL) yielded  a far less constructive
response from the ARRL's staff.

Now there are folks who don't engage members effectively.   Clearly there are changes in the HQ staff that will be for the good.  I
think the members need to consider how concerns are raised in a civil society.  Be persistent, but be polite.  If you need to be
more persistent, then you need to have more facts and be even more polite.  Even if you decide to expand the scope of those who you
inform in order to expand to an effective critical mass, being more polite is key. 

+ The explicit goal of a member organization's management and staff should be to delight its members. During the  ~5 years I served
on the ARRL's LoTW Committee, I saw way too many counterexamples.

+ Several months ago, the ARRL's CEO described "Project X" in a video interview: a multi-year effort to replace LoTW. As you might
imagine, this prompted the posting of many questions to the ARRL-LoTW online group. Not one ARRL Director, Executive, or Staff
member has responded. The message to ARRL members: a fundamental lack of respect.


             Dave, AA6YQ

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