Re: Disappointed in Triple Play "plaque"

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

There are other ARRL representatives on the list, just by the time I receive and read the messages Ria typically has already responded.

+ Has it not occurred to you that adding your voice to the conversation would increase the perceived interaction level, even if you happened to agree 100% with whatever Ria posted?

As for not having very many ARRL representatives here I have to put part of the blame on whoever started the list. I can't speak for others but I never received an invite to join the list when I became a director. Nor was I made aware the purpose of the list is to have an exchange with HQ which would have given me reason to join. It was some time after becoming a director that I learned of this and joined the list.

But then it is pretty easy to start a list, claim to have contact with a group of individuals that most likely were not invited and then accuse them of various things.

+ Take a look at these two press releases, Bill:

+ The "Communications with Members" Committee that drove this effort, of which I was a member, was terminated by the Board in January 2020 - way prematurely, in my view. David Isgur, an ARRL staff member then responsible for Public Relations, was given the responsibility for these groups: engaging with Group Moderators, and encouraging ARRL Directors, Executives, Managers and Staff to participate. Mr. Isgur left the ARRL not long thereafter. There's no sign of any ARRL staff member having taken on Mr. Isgur's responsibilities for these groups -- as evidenced by your claim above that you know nothing about them.

+ And you blame whoever started the list. Classic.

+ Bill, what message do you suppose that ARRL Members and Prospective Members receive when the League creates a set of online groups to facilitate direct engagement among Directors, Executives, Managers, Staff, Members, and Prospective Members -- and its Directors then proceed to ignore them.


Dave, AA6YQ

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