Re: Disappointed in Triple Play "plaque"

Gordon Beattie, W2TTT

I've seen and received email responses from NA2AA, N2RJ, W1RFI and W5OV on lists and in directed emails.  I think that everyday interaction here can be good, but frankly it becomes a "bitch and moan" forum with liberal amounts of League bashing thrown in abundance.  No one really wants to read that kind of stuff because its uncivil, even if rooted in a matter of importance.

I had a suggestion to revitalize and expand VHF+ contesting that adopted some ideas from Field Day.  I put in a reasoned assessment of the current categories and highlighted some inherent deficiencies. Next came some specific points that could be, one by one, incorporated into the rules.  It was well received and is under consideration along with inputs from others.  Because of how the issue was framed, and how the solutions were presented, it  didn't put folks on the defensive, and that was noted and appreciated in writing. 

In a long-term back and forth over an EMC noise and safety issue with W1RFI, we each expanded our respective understanding of both the problems and the perception of problems, and how they might be addressed.   Again, thoughtful and respectful dialogue are essential for effective communications.

Now there are folks who don't engage members effectively.   Clearly there are changes in the HQ staff that will be for the good.  I think the members need to consider how concerns are raised in a civil society.  Be persistent, but be polite.  If you need to be more persistent, then you need to have more facts and be even more polite.  Even if you decide to expand the scope of those who you inform in order to expand to an effective critical mass, being more polite is key. 

I saw the note about the quality of the Triple Play Award, but when I went online and looked at the images, some confirmed the issue, while others looked great, so I was a bit uncertain as to what was really going on.  Then there was some concern over the hook or hooks on the back.  I was thinking that instead of removing them, to simply route out the backing plaque to allow them to be seated and for the award to be flat.  Maybe I didn't understand the issue, but it seemed like a solution could be found including a replacement, if damaged.  Again, instead of jumping on the email lists, try engaging your Section Manager,  Director or Vice-Director if you need to escalate an issue that the staff can't address to your satisfaction.

Gordon Beattie, W2TTT

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+ AA6YQ comments below

This type of group is very common place in online gaming to allow people to vent with very little real interaction from the gaming company or people that can actually do anything.  Most people tire of it and move on to other games or just stop providing feedback.

I agree where are the other directors?  Do they care?  Where it the ARRL staff?  Do they care?  Do they just not have time to look?  The list was dead for weeks, maybe they were never told to look or that this place exists? 

+ I was a member of the ARRL Committee that created these online groups. I suspect that the Directors hoped that forming a Committee to create these groups would stave off demands for live-streaming Board Meetings so that Members could see exactly what their elected Directors do -- and don’t do. In terms of broad and consistent participation from ARRL Directors, Executives, Managers, and Staff, these groups have been a complete failure - despite the best efforts of their volunteer Moderators.

+ Board Meetings should be live-streamed.


                Dave, AA6YQ

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