FW: [ARRL-Awards] Disappointed in Triple Play "plaque"

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

This type of group is very common place in online gaming to allow people to vent with very little real interaction from the gaming company or people that can actually do anything. Most people tire of it and move on to other games or just stop providing feedback.

I agree where are the other directors? Do they care? Where it the ARRL staff? Do they care? Do they just not have time to look? The list was dead for weeks, maybe they were never told to look or that this place exists?

+ I was a member of the ARRL Committee that created these online groups. I suspect that the Directors hoped that forming a Committee to create these groups would stave off demands for live-streaming Board Meetings so that Members could see exactly what their elected Directors do -- and don’t do. In terms of broad and consistent participation from ARRL Directors, Executives, Managers, and Staff, these groups have been a complete failure - despite the best efforts of their volunteer Moderators.

+ Board Meetings should be live-streamed.


Dave, AA6YQ

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