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I have the old style DXCC plaques and the old style DX Challenge plaque. Made out of wood. If I remember correctly I had to pay for these. So I can't understand why the League needed to change these, or any of the award plaques. I have read the last few years of BOD minutes and I do not recall this being discussed. I may be wrong about that though.


 Bruce NJ3K 

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Awards said they were "reviewing it" over a year ago. (April 9th, 2020  to be exact)!

How many layers of management does it have to be reviewed by?

I will not hide the fact that this is something I am more than upset about.

There was some shabby decision making when the plaques were changed WITHOUT consulting the membership.

Forever what reason they changed they could have at least made the plaque different than the certificate.

I have also seen where the endorsement stickers (yes stickers folks) have even changed design in mid-stream.

Dale K8TS


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We have heard the members loud and clear. Senior management at HQ are currently in the process of reviewing the awards with an eye toward making them better quality.


The exact changes I cannot share right now but as a recent recipient of triple play myself I agree that we can do a lot better.






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I know that ARRL folks read this forum so I wanted to express my extreme disappointment in the "plaque" I purchased for my recent Triple Play award.  It is advertised on as "laminated", but it's simply attached to the back with a plastic hook glued to it.

I was going to obtain a REAL wood plaque base ($14 on to mount it on, but first the plastic hook on the back would need to go.  Guess what?  The hook is GLUED DIRECTLY TO THE CERTIFICATE, not plexiglas, so removing it destroys the award.

Fortunately I saw what was happening before the hook was completely removed, but I still have a nice large scar on the certificate. 

You got me this time, ARRL, but it won't happen again.

Rick Harrington, N0VT



Bruce A. Manning

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