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If you will look on the ARRL site, you will find that the 5BDXCC award in now a certificate. The 5BDXCC “Plaque” is now a piece of plexiglass, which in fact looks almost identical to the certificate. The wood plaque is gone. Your choice, plastic or paper the look the same. For the $60.00(?) for the plaque you can get the $12.00 certificate, and buy a $10.00 plexiglass frame at Wally World and save $40.00. My understanding is the plexiglass is not numbered (I could be wrong on this). Challenge “Plaque” is plastic also.  I received no pin for my 5BDXCC.  Saw none offered.

Not a happy camper.

Dale K8TS

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Good afternoon all. These are awards with which I am only vaguely familiar. 

My 5 band DXCC and DX Challenge plaques are beautiful but did come at 

a cost. And it was substantial. Is the same true here or is it closer to my original DXCC certificate from the 70's which came rolled up in a tube? 

Best, Steve, NN4T

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You lucky guy….

                All I got was a paper certificate. Looks like it came off a standard color printer. Does not even fit my frame (that I had to buy) correctly.       

                With all due respect to the people who have to administer these awards, someone from above is dictating an awards program that is headed for the sewer.

                I feel sorry for the people having to take the heat, but we work hard for these awards, only to get not more than a .pdf for them.

                I have already expressed my feelings to my director over a year ago, he gave them sources to restore the dignity of the plaques.

                They said they would “take a look at it”……. HA!

                Nobody cares is the opinion I get

Dale Cole K8TS


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Rick N0VT,

Simply contact the ARRL Awards desk and for a New Certificate and explain why
I am sure they will accommodate your requests
and in the future I recommend you reach out to your Section Manager and or Division Director
as I am sure they would help you rectify this.


ARRL NTX Section Manager




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