Re: 5B DXCC and WAS Medallions

Rick NoVT

I had the same disappointing experience this week with a new Triple Play award.  I spent the extra money for a "laminated plaque" and got a piece of acrylic with the certificate glued to the back.

My real problem started when I tried to remove the plastic hanger on the back so I could mount the "plaque" on a board to make it look more presentable.  The hanger was glued directly to the certificate, so now I'm worse off than when I started with an ugly scar on the certificate where the adhesive came off.

I don't understand why, since we're paying for it, ARRL doesn't offer us decent options.

Rick N0VT

On Wed, May 26, 2021 at 11:07 AM, K8TS wrote:
And then to find out that the beloved plaque no longer existed, only a resemblance of the certificate on plexiglass was a slap in the face of many who worked hard for it.

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