100 country DXCC award

Duane Wheeler, N6DSC

I am new and confused to say the least. I am 87 and with FT8 I have worked hard to get my 100 countries award. I want a paper award and not an asterisk. I am getting close to the 100 countries, To me the ARRL web site is very complicated and confusing. I may have checked “Challenge” when   applying my credits. I do not what that. When I reach the 100 I want to pay the fee and get a paper certificate. How do I correct this. I think my application for the awards is all screwed up! I have been trying to apply, the confirmed countries to the Award and paying for the credits. Please can you have  patience with this dumb idiot and help me or give me some good advice? Thank you so much,
Duane, N6DSC

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