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Gordon Beattie, W2TTT

People get to count Czechoslovakia which will likely never be reconstituted.
The bonus is that for the same turf they can get credit for the Czech Republic and it's not a two-fer, but a three-fer if you're old.

This is another reason not to take the counts on the honor roll seriously except for entities that at least currently exist.  Availability is a separate issue, that is generally political.  I get it.  Let's not conflate availability issues with existence.

Active entities should be the rational high bar even if hampered by geopolitics.

BTW y' I get my station built out here in Florida, I'll work on DXCC to the 100 mark.  I may look for multiple bands or specific mode endorsements, but I'm not going to chase windmills of a tennis ladder that requires tenure to scale.  There's not a lot to prove there.  Also, that doesn't mean I won't get caught up trying to work some rare DXpedition.  Again, working something rare is a fine goal, it's just the goofy leaderboard/tennis ladder doesn't stir my interest. 

As one who is starting out at age 63, I will need to be 83+ for a chance to top a list that is tenure driven.  Not interested...maybe working a few thousand grid squares may would be a more relatable accomplishment?  We'll see as the adventure progresses!  :-)

Gordon Beattie, W2TTT

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As has been pointed out, there's some luck involved in reaching the top of the heap.  Partly it depends when you came of age in ham radio.  There have always been times when some entities were unavailable.  And you need an adequate station and antenna to do it.  Meaning real estate and a rich uncle.  Most of us get caught up in life, family, school, work and so on, which impose further limitations.  Not to mention sunspot cycles.

There are many other worthwhile DX awards to work on in the meantime.

As for DXing itself, there's a big difference between working DX and working on your DXCC.  DX is real and the DXCC is artificial.


Ken, AB1J

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There's no right or wrong here, but beyond 100, the game gets less technical and more of a demonstration of skill over time.  This
is essentially an old-timer's game. 

+ Some DXers have reached the top of the Honor Roll less than 20 years after first being licensed.


            Dave, AA6YQ

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