Re: 5B DXCC and WAS Medallions

Gordon Beattie, W2TTT

Hi Folks!
Having said that people are frustrated by the availability issue when advancement on a leader board/honor roll is constrained by governments.

The technical challenge of making the contact can't be addressed without a favorable resolution to a geopolitical issue.  Techies chafe at political barriers.  I get it, but can't solve that for DXCC... realistically no one can.  It's a geopolitical problem being approached with a technical solution toolkit.  It will be ineffective by definition.

The chasing of grid squares doesn't completely eliminate the geopolitical impact of leader board/honor roll advancement, but it expands the opportunity space for technical achievement by several orders of magnitude depending on the grid size chosen for a particular award program.   Grids could be two character alpha,  or two character alpha and two digit numeric for instance.   Want more?  Keep going and add two more lower case alpha, and then two more numeric, and so on.

The point here is that if your goal is to show diversity of geographic distribution of contacts and the achievement of solving the propagation and other technical challenges needed to make all those contacts, then you can design a "game" that will do that.   Just expect that for each rule of the game, there might be both technical and geopolitical constraints to success.  It's all part of the "game".
Gordon Beattie, W2TTT

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You obviously misread one word.
No one is asking for an award with success assured.
What is requested is an award that is possible which we do not have at this point.
I don't recommend removing North Korea because it is legal and possible it will be on the air some day I do not expect to ever work it in my lifetime but it is possible.
The others mentioned are NOT POSSIBLE without political or legal changes or never met the criteria and should not have been added in the first place.
When such changes are made they can be added back to the list or more probably will be deleted and new entities created as we have been done many times before with other entities.

+ As has been pointed out here already, there have been DXCC entities which were NOT POSSIBLE for decades. No action was taken then; no action should be taken now.

+ When we began pursuing DXCC awards, we all knew there was no assurance of being able to work them all. But we set forth anyway. If you're not up for it, fine; go find an award you're up for.


               Dave AA6YQ

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