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Dave AA6YQ

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OK, how about providing an LoTW API or function that lets [authorized] awards managers submit lists of entrants’ QSOs for validation? 


If this was available, potentially any award could start accepting LoTW confirmations … and LoTW would suddenly become even more popular.


Contest logs might also be validated in the same way, although the volume of checks could be problematic unless they were rate-limited (e.g. by charging for each QSO submitted?) and/or the validation function was slick as a well-oiled Teflon coated pan.


+ The ability to enable an  ARRL-authorized award sponsor or contest sponsor to submit an ADIF file containing QSO records and receive an ADIF file indicating whether or not each submitted QSO is  confirmed via LoTW was suggested years ago, and was prototyped by ARRL staff. To my knowledge, no subsequent progress was made, but I don’t know whether the status is the result of a policy issue (“Should we allow this? How much should we charge?”) or a development/documentation resource issue.


+ I would love to see a mechanism like this fully developed/documented and released, as I believe it would greatly extend the use of LoTW by organizations from small local radio clubs running weekend sprints to large national organizations offering awards to hams worldwide. As a side effect, more ops would participate in LoTW, to everyone’s benefit.




               Dave, AA6YQ



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Hello John et al,

Yes, absolutely, it makes sense to have WAC added as an award that one can apply for via LoTW.  In fact, it and a few other awards are on the to-do list.  Also on the horizon is a refresh for LoTW, up to a 2.0 level.

Both are very much in active review on this end.  More updates will follow as we have news to report on either.

Keep the suggestions coming!



Bart Jahnke, W9JJ

ARRL - Radiosport and Field Services Manager

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