New modes and RTTY DXCC


I just saw post by a gentlemen in another group that said he only wants RTTY contacts for this digital award and has to make sure he doesn't pick any of the other digital confirmations from his confirmations and is still unhappy that the long standing RTTY award was modified instead of a new award being created.

Why were all the digital modes lumped in with RTTY or why was RTTY lumped in with the digital modes?

If the goal is to sell awards, and I think we have already agreed that the awards are a nice income stream to the league, why not just allow people to chase DXCC/WAS using RTTY, FT4, FT8, packtor, etc as independent stand alone awards?

The Digital award is more like the mixed award that combines CW and SSB.

Is the answer is antiquated systems?  if so, Isn't it well past time that the ARRL invest in to some current technologies to offer the Awards that the members want and not just offer awards that the antiquated systems can provide?

Is there any real desire by the board/psc/whoever to actually procure a system that can do this?  Sure there seems to be lots of talk but is there any real action?  If this is being done, when can we expect these new systems to be running?


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